Afro-Ukrainian hip hop trio Fo Sho announces plan to promote Ethiopia’s tourism potentials – Welcome to Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C

Addis Ababa, October 14, 2021 (FBC) – In an exclusive interview with FBC, a member of the Afro-Ukrainian hip hop trio Fo Sho, Betty Endale said that their group has a plan to promote immense tourism potentials of Ethiopia to the rest of the world.

The Afro-Ukrainian hip hop trio  consisting of the three Ethiopian-Ukrainian sisters, Bethlehem (Betty), Miriam and Siona Endale have already left an imprint on the Ukrainian hip-hop scene.

The trio has performed at international music festivals in various cities of Europe including Vienna and Hamburg.

“Ethiopia has not yet been introduced to the World as expected” Betty told FBC, adding that she and her sisters will include verses that will tell the world how Ethiopia is endowed with unique natural gifts and talents in the lyrics ahead.

Fo Sho Trio is ready to tour Ethiopia and other parts of the world with works that will foster a good image of Ethiopia, she said. 

“Ethiopia has contributed historical and cultural heritages, lovable coffee, natural resources like River Abay, renowned athletes and ancient wisdom to the world although it is not known by the international community in such a way” Betty explained.

She also expressed the commitment of their Trio to introduce traditional musical instruments of Ethiopia to the World.

Ethiopia has the right to utilize its natural resources including the River Abay for development and take its people out of poverty, she noted.

Some Ethiopian-root musicians and artists are now emerging internationally, Bethy said, calling all stakeholders to tap such potential for image building and promotion of historical and cultural attractions of the country, Betty added.

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