Ethiopian Ambassador confers with Africa Dept DEPDIR of Russia MoFA – Welcome to Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C

Addis Ababa, January 16, 2021 (FBC) – Ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu, Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia conferred with Todua Georgiy Vladimirovich, Deputy Director of Africa Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The discussion mainly covered the current situation of Ethiopia and the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Ambassador Alemayehu briefed the current situation that the law enforcement operation in Northern Ethiopia (Tigray region) has been successfully completed after the national army took control of Mekele in late November, 2020.

Most members of the TPLF Junta have been captured and the interim administration has already taken over the Tigray region.

Federal and regional authorities have already launched work to reconstruct infrastructures, which were destroyed by the Junta, and therefore telecommunications, electricity, banks, transport and other services have been restored. “Now life is returning to normal.” he undelined.

The national disaster risk management prevention commission has also provided food, sanitation and other supplies to those in need in the region.

Ambassador Alemayehu also added that, international humanitarian organizations have already been given access in the region.

Todua Georgiy in his part stressed the law enforcement operation in Tigray is the country’s internal affair and should be handled with the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

With regard to the border dispute issue with Sudan, it is stressed that it will be dealt with a diplomatic solution. The two further discussed bilateral issues between the two countries.



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