Level of preparedness, adherence to health guidelines key to cope spread of COVID-19: PM

As the global community is gripped by the uncertainty COVID-19 has brought about, one thing that is certain is that our level of preparedness and strict adherence to health guidelines and other measures drawn, will determine how we cope and overcome.

Yesterday we have launched the National Resource Mobilisation Committee to oversee the pooling of financial and non-financial resources, as a measure of preparedness for the worst case scenario.

At the Federal level, quarantine, isolation, and treatment centres have been identified and equipping them with the needed materials is in the pipeline. Regional governments are also following suit.

This is the time for us to redirect our energy from panic, fear and worry towards purposeful contribution, by pooling whatever resources we have for a national emergency stockpile.

Bank accounts and SMS systems have been set up for anyone to contribute monetarily. A food bank is in the works for our hardworking farmers and producers to donate food supplies. Fully equipping our quarantine, isolation and treatment centres with materials is also needed, as are other consumer goods for the most vulnerable.

Let us demonstrate as a nation that when we are faced with adversity, we confront it by coming together. Each of us have a unique contribution to make as well as a responsibility to the home we call Ethiopia!

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