LG’s lightweight Gram 14 2-in-1 is a battery-life leader – Video

It’s a weird time to be talking about laptops like the LG gramme 14 inch two and one.
You might not even know that LG makes laptops but they make a 13, 15 and 17 inch laptop and this 14 inch two and one.
They’re mostly known for their extraordinary battery.
Life and extreme lightweight.
Now that makes them great for travel and for commuting and for students, for people who like to work in coffee shops, but nobody’s doing a lot of that right at the moment.
But luckily there’s enough here to make it worth considering for your time at home, and then eventually for when you’re able to travel Now this brand like all the grams is made from magnesium alloy which keeps its weight down to two and a half pounds about 1.1 kilograms making it one of the lightest two and ones in the category.
Now that magnesium alloy because it is so lightweight this does tend to feel a little flimsy like Plastic but I assure you it is metal and it is relatively sturdy LG does do some milspec testing on it but I wouldn’t go slamming it around it’s not a rugged laptop.
But it is and will withstand being bounced around for travel and on your commute so you don’t have to worry too much about banging it around.
But I wouldn’t go dropping out of a window.
And again, the grams other big feature is its battery life.
The last generation of this laptop was able to get just under 13 hours of battery life on our streaming video test.
This time around, this one got 16 hours of battery life which like I said earlier is extraordinary for For a laptop this size.
That means you’ll be able to walk away from a power outlet and pretty much get a whole day’s worth of work in without worrying about plugging in and recharging.
Now, when it does come time to recharge, LG uses what I consider an old fashioned pin-style adapter.
If you don’t want to use that however, it can be charged off its Thunderbolt three port.
Now what’s nice is that unlike a lot of its competition, you don’t just get the USBC port.
You get an HDMI out full size and USB a port that more familiar port and you’ll also get one on the other side with its headphone jack and a microSD card slot.
So whether you’re working at home or a way on a desk, it gives you just a lot more flexibility than having to run out and get extra [UNKNOWN].
And although, LG does include a USBC ethernet adapter, o you can plug that in and use a wired connection at home.
Again, the nice part is that you don’t have to you’ve got a lot of other options other than connecting to a doc or a dongle.
Enough about what’s on the outside.
Let’s talk about what’s on the inside.
Now these things are not inexpensive.
This one is 1400 dollars, the one I tested and that configuration gets you A 10th Gen Intel Core i7 and 512 gig SSD and 16 gigs of RAM.
Now the core i7 that’s in here even though it’s tension it’s a comet like so it doesn’t have the higher end Intel integrated Iris Plus graphics.
It has just the regular u HD integrated graphics which is fine for basic tasks actually works better than you might expect but it’s not going to have that little bit of extra power from the iris plus, LG being LG, you do get a nice full HD display on this Nice thin bezels around it but good color, good contrast, decent brightness, but it’s not going to battle that glare off the glossy screen still.
Overall very nice display on this and again it is a two in one so you can turn it into a laptop or tablet or anything in between and Use it in all those modes.
The display does have pen support and LG includes a nice full size active pen with the laptop, so you can draw and write on the screen right out of the box.
Unfortunately, there’s no place to store the pan on the laptop.
It doesn’t attach magnetically or anything.
So you just have to make sure you don’t lose it.
What I didn’t mention about the design is it’s pretty much exactly the same as it was last year and that includes the keyboard, the touchpad and its built in speakers.
Now, generally speaking, all of that is fine for this type of model.
The precision touchpad works really well.
The back-lit keyboard is comfortable, too, except for the Backspace and Enter key which are a bit smaller than usual.
So you might miss them a few times if you are a touch typist until you adjust to the keyboard size.
And LG even includes a fingerprint sensor in the power button at the top of the keyboard and it’s really responsive and works right away.
But overall there are no real deal breakers here if you liked the design and don’t mind paying for it.
And while you might not need that long battery life and lightweight right now Someday this will make a very good travel companion.

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