Oromia announces 100m birr support to Sidama regional state – Welcome to Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C

Addis Ababa, February 22, 2021 (FBC) –The Oromia regional state has announced to provide 100 million birr support to the Sidama regional state.

The announcement was made by Chief Administrator of regional state, Shimeles Abdisa, during an event organized today to mark the official establishment of Sidama regional state.

Heads of federal, regional and city administrations attended the event that took place in the city of Hawassa.

Shimeles on the occasion said the people of Sidama and Oromo share the common language and culture.

Equality, fraternity, freedom, justice and democracy are paths that take the country to unity and prosperity, he said.

Speaker of the House of Federation, Adem Farah, for his part said, works would be done to enable people govern themselves as well as ensure their socio-economic benefit.

He urged residents of Sidama regional state focus on activities that help to strengthen unity. He also lauded them for the solidarity they demonstrated to the interim administration of Tigray.

Chief Administrator of Sidama regional state Desta Ledamo congratulated the residents.

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