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Addis Ababa, February 10, 2021 (FBC) -Ethiopian institutions have suffered a loss of more than 2.9 billion birr due to the damages caused to infrastructure by the treasonous TPLF group, said the Federal Police Commission.

In a statement issued today,  the Commission said the damage in infrastructure and disruption in services cost Ethio-telecom, Ethiopian Electric Power, Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Agency, Ethiopian Airlines, and Dedebit Micro Finance Institution a lot.

Ethio-telecom alone suffered a loss of more than 1.3 billion birr , the statement said, adding the nation managed to foil cyber attack that could have cost the telecom company additional 39.8 billion birr.

Similarly, Ethiopian Electric Power has been hit with more that 329. 1 milion birr loss, while the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Agency suffered a loss of more than 258.1 million birr due to a theft of over 14.49 million liters of fuel from its depot by the TPLF, it said

Moreover, rockets fired by the TPLF at Bahir Dar and Gondar airports caused Ethiopian Airlines and the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise more than 43.3 million birr damages, the statement added.

The Ethiopian Airlines has also suffered an estimated loss of more that 190.9 million birr as it was forced to suspend flights to Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum, Mekelle, Humera, Desie, Lalibela, Semera and Shire towns, the Commission stated.

The TPLF group also withdrew 800 million birr in a single day from Dedebit Micro Finance Institution, which is found within the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s Mekelle branch, under the order  of Dr Abrham Tekeste, former head of Tigray regional state’s trade and industry bureau.

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