Proloquo 2 Go – Augmentative Communication Solutions

Millions of people around the world lack the ability to express themselves verbally because of a speech language disorder caused by one of a number of medical issues. The Proloquo 2 Go is an iTunes application that runs on the Apple iTouch or iPhone. Combining simple to operate software with a sleek gadget makes this a sleek Augmentative and Alternative Communication device (AAC) that is sure to be loved by all users.

The Proloquo 2 Go is a unique application because it runs on an iTouch/iPhone device and its low cost. The application itself is priced under $150 (through August 2009) and then pair it with an 8gig iTouch and you have a power speech generating device priced under $400. To some this might seem like a hefty price to pay for an AAC device, but it is a bargain when most voice devices sell on average of $3000 or more dollars. This makes funding for AAC devices easier for families and schools, which makes assistive technology for students with disabilities more accessible.

Adaptive devices have been around for a long time; they have been big, bulky and have strange sounding synthesized speech. Proloquo2Go uses Acapela Group’s state-of-the-art Text-to-Speech voices. The current version includes North American English male, female, girl and boy voices. The merging of an iTouch/iPhone and the new Proloquo2Go allows people with speech difficulties to have a small, cost effective portable AAC system that looks good and is quite functional. The Proloquo 2 Go software includes a robust set of categories for all communication needs and text to speech programming. Once installed, it is easy to set up and navigate. Communication can be done quickly and efficiently using this assistive technology device.

AAC devices will get smaller and more efficient as technology evolves, and right now the Proloquo 2 Go app on the iTouch/iPhone has got to be the coolest system out there. Users like the AAC software because of its ease of use and it just looks cool. This assistive technology allows people with disabilities the ability to communicate with the world.

Source by Linn Reed

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