Scholarships For Single Moms – $10,000 is it Real?

Are scholarships for moms real or a scam? There are many reports that there are scholarships that are being awarded to moms in the amount of $10,000. This money will be used to return to college and all you need to do is apply for them.

Returning to college is a well known and controversial subject, the president wants moms to return to college. The belief is that when moms return to college they will get the training they need to return to the work force. More moms that enter the workforce will increase spending and from this spending of money the economy will grow.

The funds have been put aside for this venture by individuals and moms are encouraged to take advantage of these programs. These individuals are made up of sponsors who might consist of corporations or organizations. By seeding the scholarship programs the government is allowing a reduction in taxes and giving tax credits.

As everyone knows the country is in a recession and it doesn’t look like it is ending any time soon. The only way to get the economy up and running is to get the middle class mom back to college and employed. Many moms don’t know that these programs exist and need to be made aware of where to look for them. The encouragement and the programs are there, moms need to take the next step.

Since these programs have been enacted many moms have applied and many have been awarded scholarships. Moms who are involved with the program receive $10,000 and this money will be used for educational supplies. The government grant money can be used to supplement the expenses of education. Money that is not allocated for educational expenses can be used for personal expenses which would include food, bills or gas.

The money received from scholarships are not loans with interest, there is no worry about paying it back over time, this money is a gift for educational purposes which does not need to be re-paid. By using these programs moms now have the ability to return to college and get the training. Moms can choose between online courses, attending a 4 year degree program or a job training institution. Many of these programs have deadlines so when applying look for the date. Many of the deadline dates are in the fall, winter and summer.

Just like any other industry there are some bad apples that tend to ruin it for others. Remember to do your research and educate yourself when applying for a scholarship. Scholarships are created and used for a reason, they are to help those moms that are in need of an education.

Source by Blake Hawthorne

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